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extended until April 2, 2011
enchanted words photographic exhibition
children from the infant-toddler centre to the primary school

May 8 – June 13, 2010
May 8, 2010 – 11.00 am

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Tuesday-Friday: 5.00-8.00 pm
saturday, Sunday and holidays: 10.00 am-11.00 pm

a project promoted by
Culture and University Department of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia
Reggio Children
Preschools and Infant-toddler Centres – Istituzione of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia
in collaboration with
Reggio Scuola
Reggio Children International Network

Enchanted words

Look, Look at the wonder!” Giulia, years 4.6
For the third year, several Reggio Emilia infant-toddler centres, preschools and primary schools are taking part in the Fotografia Europea exhibition. This year there is something new: the International participation of 14 schools of 12 different countries.
Equipped with ultra-sensitive antennas to the world and to things, children readily question, investigate, re-elaborate and create new realities: myriad worlds, all enchanted. They find enchantment also in the medium, the camera, which they use by now with great familiarity, but which continues to maintain the mystery and fascination of the first magic lantern.
In this way another language – the photographic language – rightfully joins among the many expressive languages with which children construct spaces of thought and emotions.
Through the Keyhole - Mateo, years 3.7 Untitled - Rhiannon, years 5.10
children and teachers of:
municipal and with special agreement
infant-toddler centre
L’Arca - coop. Coopselios
Giulia Maramotti - coop. Pantarei
municipal infant-toddler centre Gianni Rodari
municipal preschools
Salvador Allende
Paulo Freire
Iqbal Masih
Bruno Munari
state primary schools
Madre Teresa di Calcutta
Elsa Morante
Reggio Children International Network

NAREA – North American
Reggio Emilia Alliance:
United States, Canada
RED SOLARE: Argentina,
Brazil, Colombia, Mexico
Nordic Countries Network:
Finland, Sweden, Norway
United Kingdom
Republic of Ireland
The Netherlands
Enchanting Glances
Expressive workshops from
Fotografia Europea 2010
“Enchanting” Afternoons
They’re flying in the deep, cold sea - Jasmin, years 5.11 - particular Untitled - Micaela, years 5.11 - particular
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fotografia europea 010 for more info:
1981-2008 Ariadne's thread” progettazione documentation communication

A journey of study and reflection making it possible to re-read and critically interpret the work of recent years with children in Reggio Emilia’s comunal infant-toddler centres and preschools.
Projects have been chosen from the various exhibitions created between 1981 and the present day; from If the Eye Jumps Over the Wall to successive versions of The Hundred Languages of Children, from Children, Art and Artists to the latest Wonder of Learning exhibition.
The projects, shown here in their original communicative form, are complete with paper, video and digital material for deeper study.

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The times of time” photographic exhibition
children from the infant-toddler center to the primary school

The Cultural Office of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia and Reggio Children, in collaboration with the Istituzione of the Infant-toddler
Centers and Preschools
and Reggio Scuola, starting last year promoted
an experimental project on the theme of the photographic image. The
project involved children from infant-toddler center to primary school age, who used the photographs they took to express their images of time

These images speak of the times within time: many and different, perceived and measured, awaited. Times that are broken down into many other times, each with its own passing, at times parallel. There are times of people and times of things. And there are many ideas of time, the many interpretations of time.
Nothing is so fleeting, so elusive, as time. To grasp an idea of time, children make use of metaphors, spatial figures, and similes, where it appears cyclically connected to the dynamic nature of matter, energy, and thought.

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the mysterious glance of children on the city
  The exhibition called The mysterious glance of children on the city carries on in the exhibition hall “Marco Gerra”: children between 2 and 10 years old tell, through their own photos, the identity of some places in the city of Reggio Emilia
Dialogue with Places
The suggestion for this project came from another project in the city entitled “An Invitation to…” in which five important artists created contemporary works of art in five different places around the city. Children and teachers in Reggio infant-toddler centres and preschools explored the International Centre while work was still partially underway choosing areas of the Centre interesting to them and designing a work/a gift conceived in empathy and dialogue with the chosen places. They respected the place’s identity while intervening on it and causing it to modify.
The children’s journey sets in motion many processes; creative, sympathetic, cognitive and draws these into a design/project approach which tends to oppose widespread attitudes of dis-engagement and indifference in the same way that it tends to refuse passive and uncritical acceptance of poor quality environments. It is our hope that an approach which is sensitive to surroundings can be a positive element for participation, for solidarity and awareness towards others and the environment.
  Taken from the Dialogues with Places exhibition, children’s experience and projects
are presented in the form of a work notebook.
Dialogue with Places
Reggio Children 2008, 172 pages

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