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Comunicazione di Reggio Children e dell’Istituzione Nidi e Scuole del Comune di Reggio Emilia a tutti coloro che sono interessati al Reggio Approach
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visit proposals 2011
loris malaguzzi
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visit proposals 2011
  pause - atelier of tastes
A new project dedicated
to food at the
Loris Malaguzzi
International Centre

via Bligny, 1
Reggio Emilia

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Reggio Children

Exhibition hall
Marco Gerra
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Monday to Friday
9,00a.m– 6,00p.m.

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International Center Loris Malaguzzi

An international place open to the future, to different cultures, to ideas, hopes and imagination. A place of the possible, a place which is useful an needed by the city and the Centre’s changing neighbourhood.
A place not born today; the first suggestions came with Loris Malaguzzi, “We are working in difficult times, so changeable, so fluctuating …beyond any ability for prediction, for the future is difficult to govern…”
In 1998 the Reggio Comune (Municipality) acquired the ex-Locatelli premises as a catalyst, a symbol of transformation in the northern area of the city. A place where children and their potentials are at the centre, it wishes to offer opportunities for creativity to children, young people, families, and new possibilities to the international educational community and all those who hold dear the themes of education and innovation.
Exhibition hall Marco Gerra
permanent exhibitions
Una città, tanti bambini” One city, many children memory of a present history
The exhibition recounts the story of experience in Reggio Emilia’s infant-toddler centres
and preschools
, with an initial prologue going from the mid-nineteenth century to the end of the second world war. This first section is followed by more detailed sections, from the liberation of Italy to the present day, mostly divided into decades.
The work is an open narrative, capable of receiving new contributions
and possible additions

This is an exhibition as a place for exchange - a piazza - that from a starting point of the history of Reggio infant-toddler centres and preschools is also capable of generating new questions on education in other cultural and social contexts, on the present and the future of schools and, as its highest aspiration, “on the culture of childhood and mankind”.

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temporary exhibitions
a colour trilogy
an exhibition-atelier of photography may 6 - june 12, 2011
authors aged 4-14
a colour trilogy   Chiostri di San Pietro
Via Emilia San Pietro, 44/c - Reggio Emilia

Inauguration: May 6, 2011 - 6.00 pm

opening hours:

Tuesday-Friday: 9.00-11.00 pm
Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 10.00 am-11.00 pm

Loris Malaguzzi International Centre

Via Bligny, 1/a - Reggio Emilia

Inauguration: May 7, 2011 - 11.00 am

opening hours:

Monday-Friday: 10.00 am - 5.00 pm
Saturday, Sunday and holidays:
10.00-12.30 am and 3.00-8.00 pm

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Reggio Children
Loris Malaguzzi International Centre
Via Bligny, 1/a - Reggio Emilia
tel. 0522 513752 – email:

The children’s “game” became that of reconstructing the Italian flag by looking for everyday objects in colour combinations that represent the flag. This created senses of displacement – a sort of metamorphosis of meaning – where the research into composition is often surprisingly rigorous, almost classical.
White is “a colour that waits”, sought out in lightness and tastes; a place of imagination inhabited by probable/improbable inhabitants through the use of cameras and other interconnected tools – webcams and a microstereoscope.
The children discover red in the lips of friends; in the actions that create billowing in a long length of satin fabric; in red wine that is liquid, but dense with fascinating shapes. Precious green, vital (to life, vita), is attributed to the beating of green butterfly wings and to the process of a plant’s growth. Older children give fragments of colour found in urban landscapes to the Italian flag, perhaps a dead-end railway track, or a Social Centre. Their refined compositions of colour reveal hidden identities of the colour-material, gradually getting closer and zooming in. These urban traces, projections of their culture, are eyes that re-invent, re-interpretations of their surroundings, of their tricolour.
authors   photography ateliers
Ray of Light Atelier
The Ray of Light atelier was presented at The Genoa Science Festival in November 2005. It is an environment offering children, young people and teachers the opportunity to experience some of the qualities of light and become familiar with the “grammar” of these through individual and group interaction. The idea was born from the encounter between work on the identity of the Malaguzzi Centre and the desire
to make the atelier an innovative area for research on the hundred languages of children. The Ray of Light Atelier proposes an inter-disciplinary approach to the subject without a single progression leading to one solution. Rather, it encourages the elaboration of theory and knowledge on light in both individuals and groups. Conception and realisation of the atelier came about with contributions from a working group made up of people with diverse competencies; atelieristi (educational artists),
pedagogisti (educational co-ordinators), a physicist, an architect and a group of volunteers made up of many enthusiastic parents. Successive phases of research and development are planned for the exhibition and will be put together over a period of two years.
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Atelier Raggio di Luce
Play+ Soft
The exhibition recounts the results of a research project and laboratory work involving designers, teachers, pedagogiste (educational co-ordinators) and preschools in Reggio Emilia
working together for over two years.
Play+Soft is a range of furnishings introducing new sensory qualities into environments and landscapes for childhood. It is a contribution towards making the environments inhabited
by children experiencing the adventure of growing more complex and stimulating, a tool for investigating new ways of inhabiting spaces for children and adults. The exhibition of this new range of soft furnishings for childhood was created with pedagogical consulting from Reggio Children and developed by 28 international designers. Art direction is by Michele Zini and realisation by the innovative business entrepreneur Maurizio Fontanili.
  The Catalogue is distributed by Reggio Children offices.
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